Virtual Assistants: The path to growth

(Online Image/Virtual Assistant)

Are you ready to hire your Virtual Assistant? You’re now going to ask “Why hire a Virtual Assistant ?”

Here is the answer to your question. According to (A leader in the field of BPO) “Outsourcing is one of the fastest & easiest way to improve profitability in your business.” In other words, it saves money and time and it increases profitability to outsource specific areas of your business.

A Virtual Assistant (VA) allows your business to earn more for less payment. We (Virtual Assistants) will be working beyond the regular hours of operation and will be focusing on that key area or areas of employment. Virtual Assistants work when you want them to work and while they are doing so, you can focus on other areas of your business; like new markets, new products or improving existing products or services. Virtual Assistants are not full time employees; therefore, you will be saving money on taxes, utilities and benefits which you would normally pay if you had a full-time/on-site employee.

The money you pay a Virtual Assistant is sometimes two times less than what you would pay for a full time employee. Think of a Customer Service Representative who is normally employed at $12-$20 per hour for full time employment; while most VA jobs are priced between $3-$8 per hour (in most cases). Virtual Assistants offer professional service for a fraction of the cost, saving you time and money and maximizing profitability and growth for your business.

It is time to think strategically, to save time, money, spend more time with your family, take a vacation, improve your knowledge or skills, improve the growth and structure of your business, improve your operational strategies to ensure you are capitalizing on what works best for you, for the development of your business and for your future.

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