There are so many lessons to be learnt in life and so many paths to choose from on our way to our destination. In the end it comes down to right or wrong, good or bad. During this journey we meet a lot of people along the way and we face many different challenges.

Challenges: they have a way of re-shaping the fabric and the fibre of our being. However; within each challenge or obstacle there is a lesson to be learnt and always remember: It’s not about the person or the incident, it is about YOU. How did the incident affect, teach, re-shape or change YOU?

You can only change yourself and then your aura around you will heighten and flow and attract better people, better situations. Then, maybe then, others will see your good and decide to change for the better, for you, for them. The truth is: Sometimes, you are the Only BIBLE that someone else will read.

What does the chapters of your BIBLE say about you? About God? About life? What lessons have you learnt from life? What is your message? Positive or Negative?

💎Terrific Self Thoughts💎

Published by Tiffany Brown

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