Protecting our kids during an eathquake

Yesterday Jamaica experienced a 7.7 magnitude earthquake which cracked and shook buildings and homes and caused a state of scare and panic for many.  Almost immediately after,  Jamaica was placed under a Tsunami warning which caused even more panic in our tropical nation.

During this scary time, my biggest fear is how do I protect my child from this natural unpredictable disaster. suggests the following:

“Drop, cover, and hold on.With one hand hold on to an object and with  your other arm protect your head and neck. If you don’t have anything sturdy to take cover under, crouch down next to an interior wall. Stay indoors until the shaking stops and you’re sure it’s safe to exit.”

At that crucial moment I realized how unprepared we really are to handle this situation when it happens. I found myself doing what I knew best: praying and rushing to shield and protect my child.

When you think about it though there isn’t much we can do to prepare for a natural disaster such as an earthquake other than hope and trust the Lord will bring us and our family out of it alive; anything else you do is really backup.

Published by Tiffany Brown

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