Reflecting on the impact: Kindness

It takes as much energy to be kind as it would to be bad. Whether you believe either of the two choices to be easy or hard is based on the amount of energy or focus that is used to achieve the desired goal.

We live in a world of ‘likes, click, & share’ that we have become really insensitive to each other. We have lost our sense of care and concern. We need to remember that we are a GLOBAL COMMUNITY. What affects one, really affects us ALL. Why have we stopped “putting our feet in the next person’s shoes?” The number of cases of this deadly Corona virus has been spreading daily by the thousands and yet, I see so many videos being created on social media joking about the complications, symptoms and mistreatment of people affected with the virus.

Many families are grieving from the loss of their loved ones to this virus, many are still in quarantine. Economies are falling. Businesses, families, and communities are negatively affected. Let us show a little more care & concern. If you can’t help physically, you can always say a word or prayer or show kindness for those being affected.

God forbid: but if the shoe was on your foot, you would expect a little kindness to make it a little less painful to get through the day.

Be Kind.

Love is patient, love is kind art from

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