Soul-searching Sunday

Every day comes with it’s challenges and it’s opportunities. Each day God grants us the privilege to do something useful, worthwhile or productive.

Everything in life is affected either negatively or positively by our choices. At the end of each day when we reflect and give thanks; there should be aspects of our day where we had done something good for at least one person. Something selfless, something that would have made our mother proud.

We cannot continue to live life as if we exist by ourselves. That is not so. We all coexist together. Your daily actions will have either a negative or positive impact on the future of everyone else so be very careful what you do with each precious 24 hours that is given to you.

Make your life count. Fixing our community, town, country and our world is a duty for ALL of us. It’s a ripple effect, we are all connected. Coronavirus has proven this to us and expressed how connected we all are. Let us care about ourselves and each other a little more for the sake of leaving a better world for our kids and their kids.

Happy Sunday!

Published by Tiffany Brown

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