Keeping my family safe

It is not easy to keep your family safe during this time, especially with a small children. Effective yesterday all infant, basic, primary, high schools and teacher’s colleges have been closed for 14 days due to the entry of Coronavirus in the country (Jamaica). This means round the clock work for all stay-at-home-mothers. For all mothers who still commute daily, it means restructuring your plans to have constant care and assistance available for your children while you and your husband/spouse are at work.

Wash your hands after touching or doing anything, use your hand sanitizer, cough in tissue & throw it away, don’t hug or kiss anyone, eat your fruits and vegetable, drink 8 glasses or more water daily, take your vitamins, limit public appearances or do not go in public unless it is really necessary.

For all parents, like myself, who work from home; it means more multi-tasking to work and focus on our busy, beautiful, energetic kids and keeping the entire family safe and sanitized. We can do this. Let’s us protect ourselves first, then our families. If each family practice this approach, we will be protecting our homes, communities, nation and the world, one super-home at a time.

Happy Healthy Friday!!

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