Enduring the Lockdown

It’s been almost two weeks now since the Lockdown has been implemented here and in all honesty is seems like a month. Things seem to be moving faster than normal. Time really flies faster when we are busy fighting Corona and we are now aware that Corona does not care whether you live in the tropics or cold. It doesn’t care about your age, race or wealth.

If Corona were a person, it would be a lover of all people not having bias or segregating itself from anyone; just being neutral. That’s like Corona lobbying for World Peace. A true humanitarian.

Well, fun and jokes aside: As we continue performing our social distancing skills and exercising or right to sanitize, let’s also remember not to allow the kids too much free time. It’s great to spend family time playing games, watching and making videos; but insist on the daily lessons whether you have them follow the sessions live or recorded or just spend time giving them tasks from the textbooks or workbooks.

Life will go back to normal after Corona’s reign of terror has ended, so don’t allow them to think they’re all on a permanent staycation. Enjoy the break, stay safe, keep your social distance, stay healthy, quarantine if you must and let us win this fight against Corona.

Published by Tiffany Brown

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