The Importance of: You☄

It’s been a long time since you’ve been that loving, caring, considerate person. You are the loving and supportive mom or dad. The kind-hearted sister or brother who is always available when family or friends need a listening ear or a shoulder to lean on. You are the cool aunt or uncle who is easy to talk to or the friend or coworker who can relate well with others. You may even be that friendly neighbour brightening your community with your positive presence.

All of those characteristics are good to possess but don’t forget that one quiet person who is never demanding time and attention. The one who matters most. The one who complains the least because he or she is busy giving. Your number one fan who always have your back…You.

Please ensure that especially at this time while we fight this dreaded Covid-19 pandemic and we give support to others, it is also very important that you take some time for yourself.

You need a break, a day off. A spa day or give yourself a facial and read a book. A lazy day where you watch your favourite movies all day while your spouse or teenage child make your meals or you order out. A day to chill in your pool with a glass of pina colada, sex on the beach, a Guinness, beer, green juice or orange juice (whichever you choose).

I’m just saying, take a day and do you. Just relax and unwind. Specifically because you’ve been holding things together while protecting your family and community during Covid-19. Dont burn out because even superheroes deserve a day off.

💖 😇💖😇💖😇💖😇💖😇💖😇💖😷

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