Jamaica Voted: 2ND Term for JLP

It was a beautiful, peaceful election amid showers of rain and strict hygiene and social distancing protocols due to Corona virus. Although less than 40% of Jamaicans turned out to vote, “Young Jamaica” raised their voices louder than ever before and has given Andrew Holness and the JLP the privilege of a second term with a MASSIVE victory winning 49 of the 63 seats.

JLP won 49 of the 63 seats in the September 3 election.

With this great win, the ruling JLP has claimed an additional 16 seats from the previous election and the JLP is now faced with a greater task as the country experiences an upsurge in Corona virus cases while they continue building a stronger Jamaica but now with a much smaller opposition.

Together we are building a #StrongerJamaica

Prime Minister Andrew Holness

The new manefesto from the JLP has promised continued progress in building a stronger economy, continuing the fight against Corona Virus and crime, more educational opportunities, employment, housing, investment and infrastructure.

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