Patience is unique and doesn’t come easily for most of us. Sometimes you can be the most impatient individual and you don’t even know it.

Personally, I didn’t know the effectiveness and extent of my patience until I evaluated a few recent occurrences that should have really “pressed my buttons” but instead I maintained a “cool” that was new and interesting to me.

This proves that sometimes we are not aware of what we are truly capable of doing until we are put to the test. I am glad it is a good thing. A good revelation in myself.

Commit some time this week or this month to really evaluate yourself and look at what you’ve been doing. Do a thorough evaluation. Could you or can you stand what YOU do and who YOU are to others? How would it REALLY make YOU feel?

It is time to reflect and introspect.

Do you like who you see?

Published by Tiffany Brown

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