Protect your family from Coronavirus

Please take every precaution to keep yourself and your family (especially children and the elderly) safe. Eat healthy, drink 8 glasses or more of water. Eat your fruits and vegetables, wash your hands frequently, exercise, limit your appearance in public, use hand sanitizer, no handshakes or hugs, wear a mask, do not sneeze openly. If […]

3200 Amazon Drivers to lose their jobs

With the horrendous impact of the Coronavirus in recent months causing havoc and spreading across the world; now Amazon Drivers face the possibility of losing their livelihood. See the details in the story below which was taken from Buzzfeed News. More than 3,200 drivers who deliver Amazon packages to homes and businesses across the country […]

Reflecting on the impact: Kindness

It takes as much energy to be kind as it would to be bad. Whether you believe either of the two choices to be easy or hard is based on the amount of energy or focus that is used to achieve the desired goal. We live in a world of ‘likes, click, & share’ that […]

UPDATE: What are the symptoms of coronavirus and what can help stop its spread?

UPDATE: With recent reports stating that you can have the virus and not show any of the known signs; it now makes it harder to protect ourselves, our families and others. Even so, please be reminded of the known signs of the Coronavirus (Covid-19). Previous info: The main signs of infection are fever (high temperature) […]

US evacuees freed from coronavirus quarantine, but face shunning and discrimination by fellow Americans

Arrival of first batch of 195 US citizens from Wuhan stoked fears they would spread disease, despite none of them testing positive for Covid-19 Personnel from base where evacuees were housed were denied housing, and their children were treated badly at school Nearly 200 people evacuated from China because of the coronavirus outbreak were released […]